Frequently Asked Questions

What types of services does ACTS 2 offer?

ACTS offers free skills-building and support services to caregivers of loved ones with dementia and other interested parties. Our program of services includes: (1) telephone-based, faith-integrated, group skills building and support for distressed African-American caregivers of older adults with dementia residing in Florida, (2) telephone-based, problem-solving consultations to all dementia caregivers across the U.S., (3) telephone-based, nationwide referral to dementia care resources for all interested individuals across the U.S., and (4) dementia awareness training through social media and in-person presentations across Florida and the U.S. For a detailed description of each of ACTS 2’ four types of services

How can I contact ACTS 2 to learn more about its services?

A: Dementia caregivers and other interested parties can learn more about ACTS2 by telephone, email or through the web. For telephone, call 1-866-778-2724 (toll-free) or 850-274-4945. You also can email us at or go to our website:

Q: What are the criteria to receive ACTS 2’s services?

A: The criteria for participating in ACTS2 varies with the type of service. The 12-session program is available to adult Black family caregivers residing in Florida who report significant distress and provide assistance to a loved one with a diagnosis of dementia an average of 6 hours per week. Telephone-based, brief problem-solving consultations are available to all family caregivers across the U.S. Information and referral services are provided over telephone to all interested parties across the U.S. Dementia awareness training is available in-person and virtually across Florida. It also offered virtually across the U.S.

Q: How will I know if I am experiencing distress in my caregiving role?

A: There are multiple indicators of distress. Are you feeling down? Is your energy level below normal? Are you more irritable or short-tempered? Are you experiencing changes in sleep or eating habits?

Q: What does “a caregiver of a loved one with dementia” mean?

A: ACTS 2 defines a caregiver of a loved one with dementia as a relative or close friend of the person with dementia. ACTS 2 is not a training program for professional caregivers.

Q: What is the cost of ACTS 2’s services?

A: ACTS 2 services are free of charge. In addition, participants who enroll in the ACTS 2 twelve-session, skills-building and support program can receive up to $90.00 for completing the training and the associated interviews and questionnaires.

Q: Can I invite others to join when I participate in ACTS 2’s services?

A: Only those persons who have enrolled in ACTS 2’s services can participate in the sessions. This policy ensures the privacy of the individual enrolled in the program. However, participants can share general information and handouts provided by the program with other family members and interested parties.

Q: Can professional caregivers receive ACTS 2’s services?

A: Professional caregivers are encouraged to participate in ACTS 2’s dementia awareness trainings and information and referral consultations. They are ineligible to participate in brief problem-solving consultations and the 12-session skills-building and support program.

Q: Does ACTS 2 collect data from participants for research purposes?

A: ACTS 2 regularly evaluates the services it provides to family caregivers and other interested parties. Your feedback is essential in assessing the quality and effectiveness of our services. All background information and questionnaire responses are confidential.

Q: I think my loved one might have dementia, but they do not have an official diagnosis: Can I enroll in ACTS 2 12-session skills building and support program?

A: We have a brief questionnaire that indicates whether your loved one is likely to receive a diagnosis of dementia from a medical doctor. Depending on the results of the questionnaire, you may be eligible to enroll in the 12-session program. However, we do require that you pursue the diagnosis and sign a release for the physician to forward the diagnosis to us.

Q: What does it mean that the sessions are delivered by telephone?

A: We use a toll-free telephone system to deliver all ACTS 2 sessions. You do not need to have long distance service to participate in the program.